Young Adult Reviews – 7/15

We are thrilled to introduce our new young adult review writer: Thaddeus a Local Park City 4th grader.

Below are his wonderful critiques and praises of 4 new releases for that age group!

ICE WHALE by Jean Craighead George
A compelling and thought-provoking read.  Ice Whale is a sad tale of an Arctic boy trying to save a whale from commercial whalers in order to end a curse.  Toozak lives in the snow-covered Arctic and watches a whale named Siku be born, which brings Toozak good spirits.  But Toozak accidentally tells whale hunters where the whales are, which brings evil spirits.  Toozak must go on a quest to protect Siku, and himself.
A stroke of pure genius.  Glass Sentence is an exciting tale about being thrown into different times periods.  Sophia, a young girl living shortly after the American Revolution, has an uncle who is a master mapmaker, a skill that is part magic, part reality.  When her uncle gets kidnapped, Sophia goes on a quest to save him, which brings her to different times and places.  For readers who like Fablehaven, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson.
You will love this book.  Albie, a fifth grader, is sad because Calista, his favorite nanny, was fired, everyone says he is dumb, and he is being bullied.  In a new school with no friends, he knows nothing.  Absolutely Almost is the story of Albie turning things around, in a compelling story of a crazy life that includes crazy nannies and famous friends.  A book like never before.
DREAMWOOD by Heather Mackey
Dreamwood is a brilliant mix of Harry Potter and Hatchet.  A gorgeous tale of ghosts, pioneers, and friendship. I loved Dreamwood.

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