Author Event: Dr. Monty Brower – “The Earthen Vessel: Poems of Yoga and Meditation”

Dolly’s is pleased to welcome Boston-area psychiatrist and artist Monty Brower on Friday, March 20th from 3:30-5:30. Brower has created an eye-popping illustrated book celebrating the joy and transformational power of yoga. Titled The Earthen Vessel: Poems of Yoga and Meditation, Brower’s 36-page, author-illustrated volume features brightly hued, pen-and-ink-and-watercolor tableaux of yoga figures and symbols, framing sonnets and free-verse poems expressing psychological and spiritual insights gained through the practice of yoga. Drawing on Eastern and Western sources ranging from the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita to Zen circles and Greek mythology, The Earthen Vessel weaves words and images in a dynamic series of visually vibrant pages, packaged as a gift book for the spiritual seeker in all of us.

The Earthen Vessel reflects Brower’s own multi-faceted journey of personal growth through yoga and the creative arts. Brower has a solo private practice in forensic psychiatry, performing mental health evaluations and providing expert witness testimony in Massachusetts courts. He began attending yoga classes some nine years ago as a way of restoring his health after a bout with pneumonia. At the same time, he also felt a need to revive his former creative pursuits. Having had a previous career as a magazine journalist (including seven years as a staff writer for People magazine), Brower initially turned to writing poetry. As he pursued his creative recovery, however, he also found himself drawn to visual art and began learning to draw and paint.

Brower saw a way to creatively combine his art, poetry and yoga when he encountered the work of late-18th-century artist and poet William Blake, who produced a legendary series of illustrated books to express his creative and spiritual vision. Brower saw that even in the age of e-books and print-on-demand, contemporary readers still value high-quality, hardback books that stand on their own as works of art. Today, Brower maintains a studio at Fountain Street Studios in Framingham, Massachusetts, where he produces works of fine art and letters under the Urthona Arts imprint, named after a mythological figure from Blake’s poetry who embodies the spirit of creative freedom. Facebook event here.

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