Russell Schwartz | Jan. 26th

Join us in welcoming filmmaker turned author, Russell Schwartz!

Sunday, Jan. 26th @ 3 p.m..

Written for working and aspiring filmmakers, directors, producers and screenwriters, The Marketing Edge for Filmmakers walks through every stage of the marketing process – from concept to post-production – and illustrates how creative decisions at each stage will impact the marketability of a film.

In this book, marketing experts Schwartz and MacDonald welcome you behind the curtain into the inner workings of Marketing department at both the studios and independents. They also track films of different budgets (studio, genre, independent and documentary) through the marketing process, examining how each discipline will approach your film. Featuring interviews with both marketers and filmmakers throughout, an extensive glossary and end-of-chapter exercises, The Marketing Edge for Filmmakers offers a unique introduction to film marketing and a practical guide for understanding the impact of marketing on your film.

From Indiewire:

” A long overdue insider’s guide to marketing a movie. Marketing consultant and Chapman University professor Russell Schwartz used to run marketing at New Line Cinema and Relativity Media, while his old New Line cohort Katherine MacDonald now runs marketing at Paramount Animation. They have assembled a step by step practical approach to branding, titling, and defining a genre and engaging its target audience, from the script stage through unit publicity to fashioning marketing materials, trailers, strategic positioning, research testing, festivals, print campaigns, podcasts, radio spots, ratings, creative advertising, media plans, digital marketing, and distribution. The writers examine how the best-laid plans can go wrong, as when well-reviewed indie release “Chapaquiddick,” starring Jason Clarke as Teddy Kennedy, unexpectedly played better for the right than the liberal arthouse audience for which it was intended. This book is utterly accurate and useful”

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