Nora Wall | The Dominion

Saturday, June 30th

2 – 3 pm

Please join us as we welcome local teen author Nora Wall to our store! Nora will be signing copies of her book The Dominion.

The plot: the Guardians have always been a part of 226 Veronica’s life. Since she was a small child, she has been told stories of how heroes saved the world from a global war. Now, in honor of the four Guardians who saved them from extinction, the people of the Dominion worship them as gods.

But 226 Veronica suspects that the four—known as the Leader, Educator, Enforcer, and Caregiver—are not the just rulers their subjects believe them to be. Instead, the Guardians have ushered in a rule of terror and paranoia. When they catch any sign of individuality on their many cameras, they destroy it immediately. Rather than living a life of true equality, the people suffer a grey existence.

When 226 Veronica begins questioning the Guardians’ intentions, she finds herself in a unique position to get answers. She is directly employed by the Guardians and sent to live in the great Pyramid, which houses the government. As 226 Veronica starts to uncover the secrets hidden within the Pyramid, she will finally learn the truth about the Guardians, the war, and her own place in the Dominion—and what she discovers could send the entire Dominion into chaos.

Fifteen-year-old Nora Wall is a 9th grader at Treasure Mountain Jr. High School. “The Dominion” is the culmination of Wall’s early years of storytelling and revealing her thoughts while living abroad in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, where she attended an international British school.

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