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Thursday, December 20


We are so excited to be hosting author Michael Norman, who will be discussing and signing copies of his latest Sam Kinkaid Mystery Slow Burn on December 20th at 7pm. Like the previous Sam Kincaid mysteries, Slow Burn is set in and around the Salt Lake Valley with characters and locales familiar to Utah readers.

This highly anticipated 3rd book in the Sam Kinkaid series begins with a college student kidnapped as she arrives home. But this is no ordinary kidnapping. The victim is Samantha Cates, the daughter of Benjamin Cates, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Corrections, and Sam Kincaid’s boss. Out of favor and recently demoted by Benjamin Cates, Kincaid is riding a desk in the department’s training division awaiting retirement.

Believing that his daughter’s kidnapping might be the work of a vengeful offender, Cates asks Kincaid to return to the Special Investigations Branch (SIB) on temporary assignment to help find his daughter. Teaming with Salt Lake City P.D. Detective Lieutenant Kate McConnell, the two launch a desperate search to find the missing girl. Soon Kincaid discovers two recent murders–one in Las Vegas, the other in Seattle–that appear to be connected to the Salt Lake kidnapping.

With time running out, Kincaid and McConnell are forced to pull out all stops as they learn the kidnapper(s) are about to place the victim in a coffin and bury her alive.

Don’t miss this chance to meet the author and pick up a signed copy as a gift for your favorite mystery reader!

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