Liza Howell | Dec. 22nd

Join us in welcoming Liza Howell, local author of The Christmas Bird!

A difficult time for a family in the country brings about lessons in suffering and God’s love in author Elizabeth K. Howell’s new children’s book, The Christmas Bird.

The Christmas Bird follows the adventures of a little bird when his tree home is hauled from the woods and placed inside a cozy cabin to become the family’s Christmas tree.

The family had recently experienced adversity when their youngest child, Maggie, fell in the woods and lost her mobility. Many times past, Maggie had visited the forest and sang beautiful Christmas carols to her doll and a hidden audience of woodland animals. With no more visits from Maggie, the Christmas bird tries hard to fill the void by whistling the tunes he’d heard her sing. The family’s choice to have the Christmas bird’s tree as their Christmas tree allows the stowaway to witness decorating the Christmas tree and listen to Papa read the Nativity Story. Most of all, the family’s love and care for Maggie is a sight to behold. When Santa visits later that night, the bird learns that Santa’s gifts are good, but God’s gifts are better! Throughout the story, we learn that God loves all and has great plans for each of us, even tiny birds.

Sunday, December 22nd

12:00 – 1:30 p.m.

3 Comments on "Liza Howell | Dec. 22nd"

  1. Dollys, love that you booked local author, Liza Howell, before the holidays! Looking forward to her signing!

  2. Yay Liza!! So proud of you!! This is such a sweet Christmas book. It will surely be loved by many! Love you my friend:)

  3. Hey, Liza! I bought your book from Fearrington (McIntyre’s Bookstore)here in North Carolina to give to Lucy (my 9-year-old daughter). I’ve not yet read it (screened it for Lucy) but I trust you. I’d love to pop in at Dolly’s in Utah for your book signing but I’ll have to take a raincheck on that road trip. I haven’t been to Utah since 1982…

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