“Karner’s Quest for Blue Lupine” by Sara Jo Dickens Author Event: 7/26 – 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Dolly’s is pleased to welcome local author Sara Jo Dickens with her new book Karner’s Quest for Blue Lupine on Sunday, July 26th from 2:00 – 3:30 PM!


The Book:

Karner’s Quest for Blue Lupine is the book of a new series of children’s books that educate children about the environment and empower them to make a difference. The story take you on an adventure with a young girl to save her new butterfly friend.  She learns why her favorite butterfly no longer comes to her yard and how to help them come back. At the end of the book is a short description of the science behind the decline in Kaner Blue Butterflies and how the reader can help. To keep the reader coming back again and again, there are critters that share the woods with Karner hidden  throughout the book and a key to this critter find at the end of the book.

Join Anna Marie on her quest to find her favorite blue butterfly. Bravely venturing deep in the forest, Anna Marie learns that the Karner Blue butterflies are running out of food for their caterpillars. Learn how she helps her favorite butterfly, the Karner Blue, and the Wild Blue Lupine upon which Karner caterpillars rely.

“Each page contains beautiful images of the wildlife the Karner Blue butterfly shares the outdoors with and engages a child’s sense adventure and innate connection to nature..”—Val Rae Boe Ed.D. Principal, Karner Blue Education Center, Blaine MN.

“Anna Marie’s adventure not only tells the story of the Karner Blue, but also how actions of thoughtful people can truly make a difference in helping the butterfly to overcome the loss of its habitat. “- Zachary Principe, The Nature Conservancy, Fallbrook, CA.

The Author:

Sara Jo is  an ecological scientist committed to sharing scientific findings. She believes  nature is crucial  to healthy childhood development, and that  wildland conservation depends on establishing a childhood connection with nature.  Sara Jo works as  an ecological scientist  for her company, Ecology Bridge, assisting land managers in identifying effective wildland  management and restoration strategies.

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