Happy Miners’ Day!

Park City Miners’ Day Dates Back to 1896

“Park City is proud of its mining heritage,” said Elliott. “It’s a glorious way to celebrate our history today and to educate modern generations about the roots of our community.”
Much as was done in 1896, today’s Miners’ Day is centered around a parade from the top of historic Main Street down to City Park, with a day of fun for kids and families. The heritage of mining is showcased each year with the Mucking and Drilling competition in City Park.
While it’s been well over a century since the mining boom began, it’s image is alive and well. A walk down Main Street and a visit to the Park City Museum will give you a sense of what it looked like back then. And as you ski around Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain, you are reminded of those glory days when the Silver King, California-Comstock, Daly, Ontario, Quincy and many other mines dotted the landscape.’

Running of the Balls

  • Nearly 10,000 balls will roll down historic Main Street at 10:30 a.m., with the parade to follow.
  • The Running of the Balls location is on the middle of upper Main Street, finishing near the Post Office.
  • Adopt a ball for just $5, or five balls for $20. Ask about special rates for $100!
  • Winners will be posted in City Park by the Coke booth next to the band stand and on the Park City Miners’ Day website.

Mucking and Drilling Details

  • Competition begins at 2:00 p.m. – get there early to score a bleacher seat.
  • No cost – come by and enjoy a bit of Park City’s heritage.
  • Venue is located in City Park across from the library and adjacent to the skateboard bowl.

Borrowed from ParkCityMinersDay.org, by Tom Kelly.

Please visit their website for the full article on the history of Miners’ Day and much, much more!

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