Dr. Karen Gedney | 30 Years Behind Bars: Trials of a Prison Doctor

Wednesday, September 19

7 pm


Join Dolly’s in welcoming Dr. Karen Gedney, better known as Dr. G., an internal medicine specialist who spent almost 30 years behind bars as a prison physician. She has written a fascinating memoir and will be discussing her career and signing copies of her book 30 Years Behind Bars: Trials of a Prison Doctor.

From Dr. Gedney’s website http://discoverdrg.com/:

“My next act in life will not be one of retirement or retreat. The purpose of my memoir, ‘’30 Years Behind Bars,” is to offer a different perspective of prisons from that of an inmate or custody officer. I want the reader to experience the prison thru the compassionate eyes of a physician. One who is oriented and trained to ask questions in order to understand complex problems, and then help prevent and treat them.

My mission in the next thirty years is to act as a catalyst to help change the current paradigm of ‘corrections’ from one of punishment to one of prevention, healing and re-integration. Prisons were designed to keep individuals behind bars until they had finished their sentence. They were never designed as a system to address the complex societal problems that put individuals there in the first place nor help them re-integrate into society when they left.

The ‘correctional world’ and the ‘medical world’ suffer from the same problem. They both spend an inordinate amount of money, energy and time on the symptoms vs. the causes of the problem. What would it look like, if we as a society decided to shift that paradigm and try to identify the causes behind the problems and work together as an integrated system to fix them?”

Don’t miss the chance to learn more about Dr. G’s experiences and pick up a signed copy of her book!

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