Cami Richardson | Nov. 16

Please join us for a local author signing!

Saturday, November 16th @ 6:30 p.m..

In this book you will read how a successful man, married to a strong and beautiful woman, with a great family, who had an amazing career and lived a life that most people would die for, would come out as transgender at 63 years old. You will enjoy reading a lot of funny and interesting stories in the book. Like when she almost burned the firehouse down that she worked at, or how she snuck into the 1980 Winter Olympic USA-Soviet Union hockey game, or while rescuing someone in a raging fire the woman she was rescuing said to her, “It’s about time you fuckers got here.” She also recounts how as Chief Financial Officer of American Ski Company, she helped to take them public on Wall Street.Her memoir will make you think, laugh and maybe even cry. It might also leave you in amazement. You won’t be bored while waiting for 66 years of her life to be told because her life hasn’t been boring, but rather, very interesting. She would be hard pressed to not find something to write about in a career that included 60 jobs, occupations, businesses owned or management positions. She tells of her life journey and eventually coming out as a trans-woman to friends and family. She speaks to the amazing acceptance she has been fortunate to receive and the hurtful rejection she’s experienced. She hopes it will end your curiosity as to what being transgender is all about. This story describes her raw human emotions and what it is like to hide something about yourself from family and friends for 55 years and then finally telling everyone! It has been proven to her thru this journey that people can change and reach self-actualization. Her reality has helped her to develop a personal mission statement, which is: To educate and enlighten people about the trans community by setting a good example and do so, one person at a time. She hopes that after you’ve read this book you will be able to say, “Cami, you succeeded.”

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