Book Signing, Tuesday, December 22nd

Dolly’s is pleased to welcome back photographers Rick Pieros and Mark Maziarz with their newest book Park City: A Portrait on Saturday, December 22nd from 2:00 – 4:00 PM. 


Rick Pieros

Rick Pieros has been traveling the rural and wild areas of the western United States since his youth. Drawn to the remnants of the American West’s rich and colorful past, Rick switched from a path pursuing purely nature photography to follow his passion for history and documenting the quickly vanishing artifacts of the western experience.

Mark Maziarz

As a kid in Chicago, Mark Maziarz used to take apart and rebuild radios, toasters, and clocks. These days, he’s still tinkering – building his own cameras, working on fast old cars, and shaping metal, wood, and stone in an effort to make things that last. As a commercial, stock, and editorial photographer since 1990, he’s shot everything from extreme action sports to tranquil scenics. His work has appeared in publications around the world, with notable clients including Disney, Tommy Hilfiger, Sunset, Ski Magazine, Kodak and Forbes.

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