Book Candy: Beach Reads

It is THAT time of the year. Summer.

When we finally see the sun, the mud dries, and people flee to the most relaxing of destinations — meaning it is time for BEACH READS.

What is a beach read, you ask? Well, some people call it smut, but we like to refer to it as our lighter or steamier fiction that whisp us away from reality on those sweet summer dreams.

To best prepare you for summer reads, here are a couple of resources we found to be vital in the quest for those mind-erasing and soothing novels a-plenty:


  • We love this interactive quiz that will tell you which new book to devour this summer — who doesn’t love a predictive site to potentially tell you a new favorite?
  • For our young reader friends, here are 50 summer reads for kids!
  • How about these 9 Memoirs That Will Keep You Laughing From Memorial Day to Labor Day (And Beyond)
  • Many of these 25 titles that made the “hot” list of USA Today are already waiting for you on our “New and Notable” shelf.#2 on the list? In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume (fiction)What it’s about: A multi-generational family novel whose characters are affected by a series of plane crashes in the 1950s in New Jersey.

    Why it’s hot: This is a novel for adults by the popular children’s writer (Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret)

  • For the more adventurous readers… here are 13 books to read by the fire.
  • Continuing on this mobile readers vein, try this list: 6 Vacation Destinations for Children’s Literature Fans, Oh, the Places You’ll Go
  • Also, take a page out of Bill Gates’ book and try his summer reading list on for size.
  • What are some of your MUSTS this summer?


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