Beverly Hurwitz – June 22nd

Nobody Else’s Business

“When Pro-Life congressional leaders are personally confronted by unwanted pregnancies, multiple lives are endangered. This riveting political thriller draws the reader onto a frightening battleground, where powerful forces use extraordinary weaponry to both preserve and eradicate the right to choose.”

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New Novel Portrays

Endangered Reproductive Rights

If you believe you’re too careful to ever have to face an accidental pregnancy, you’ve underestimated the power of fertility. No birth control method is 100% effective, not even sterilization. Nobody Else’s Business, a novel written by a medical doctor, tells the story of what happens to the families of Pro-Life politicians when their birth control methods fail, and conspirators hijack the dilemma of their accidental pregnancies for political purposes.

This novel illuminates why the topic of reproductive rights has become the most divisive issue in modern history. The careers and the very lives of the characters in this story are gravely threatened when powerful people resort to extraordinary weaponry to both preserve and eradicate the rights of humans to personally manage their reproductive biology. Woven into the stories of the families in this novel, are the complex medical, religious, economic, and historical aspects of abortion.

Author, Dr. Beverly Hurwitz, originally from Brooklyn, New York, spent a decade as a health and physical education teacher in rural public schools, prior to attending medical school in 1977. Her postgraduate training included pediatric internship, residency and fellowship, with specialization in the care of children and young adults with neurologic disability. Some of her 1980s patients were blind, deaf, and unable to walk, talk or feed themselves, due to the congenital effects of the 1965 rubella epidemic, which occurred when women didn’t have the right to choose, (and before a rubella vaccine became available). Some of her chronic care patients were born healthy but had suffered severe brain damage at the hands of abusive adults. Dr. Hurwitz’s experience in pediatric emergency care caused her to wonder how many burns, falls, poisonings, drownings, shootings, and other so-called child accidents, were actually staged by parents burdened with an unwanted child.

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Dr. Hurwitz is also the author of Park City Hiking Guide and A Walker’s Guide to Park City.

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