Belated February Love from Dolly’s

We wanted to get back into the blog writing fun. Especially with the roller coaster ride our website has been on in the past couple of months. We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused you — but onwards and upwards and here we are with a brand new and improved page!


Bookish links to tell you we love you — even after the official day of love:


  • For our contemporary fiction lovers, here is a must read list!
  • For our cult readers — we think this list is pretty great as well.
  • For our feminist readers — we found this list that is full of beautiful and noteworthy mentions: Girl Canon: 50 Essential Books About the Female Experience

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.22.52 PM

  • 17 Times Your Love of Books got Out of Control
    • We partcularly love #13 as it resonates with each and everyone of us here at Dolly’s: “When you have to actually be a productive and contributing human being even though there’s a book you can’t wait to finish. That book taunts you as you go about your day, just silently whispering its sweet-nothings into your ear, tempting you to abandon all productivity and lay in bed with it alllllllll dayyyyyyyy…”


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