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Festivus for the Restofus

Christmas CatsWith Christmas literally 5 days away, we understand just how [in]sane you might be feeling, or the sheer chaos you might be immersed in, currently.

We urge you to take a moment and procrastinate/breathe [however you want to term it] with our latest blog finds, thoughts and musings:

  • Did you read any of these titles? Because they were deemed most unfortunately overlooked in 2013:

  • These are the 10 best holiday books that you never knew existed. Now is the time to experience the magic:

    holiday potato

  • And just when you thought you had heard it all, holiday-wise–heard these?:

  • Other books given in books, aren’t these wonderful cross-references:

  • And just when your family is driving you crazy, this blessed, merry, and bright season–take the time to reflect on these twisted families in literature:

Here at Dolly’s we recognize that, unfortunately, not everyone is a reader. We have some excellent gifts in stock that don’t have the pages or binding. Pictured below are some gift ideas [available here at Dolly’s] for the not-so-big-readers on your last-minute list:



Dolly’s Gift Guide


“When you give a book, you’re offering a portal into another world and you’re asking someone else to step though,” Chronicle wrote. “Accepting a book recommendation can be a leap of faith, so it’s often best left to the experts. This is what makes local bookstores such a wonderful resource in the community. There’s always someone there willing to help you find the perfect gift.”


  • The Globe announced their top 100.
  • As did the New York Times–are you surprised? What is your reaction?

As always, we here at Dolly’s would love to help you with all of your book-gifting needs. Contact us for suggestions, visit our staff picks in-store or online, or come wander the shelves for yourself!





  • Children’s Book Reviews for Holiday Reads. These are so worth it and we have many here at Dolly’s.
  • And while we celebrate children’s books–how about these classics that began as mere bedtime stories.
  • We get it. Teens and adults rarely get along. But what if, in reading one another’s literature genres–we might be able to bridge that gap. What if–just what if we tried this list on for size.
  • You think you’ve read them all? How about these 10 books that contemporary culture has allegedly forgotten?
  • Speaking of contemporary culture–what if Harry Potter had an Instagram as a dad?
  • Our man Harry Potter is also featured on this priceless list of the literary characters you just want to slap.

rejected titles

  • Running out of room for your books? Try these innovative nooks and crannies for storage spaces.  I never thought I would use the words “innovate” and “cranny” in the same sentence.
  • Was the sequel better? Was it really? Was it written by an entirely different mind? Look at this list of surprising sequels and their authors.
  • We LOVE these perfect gifts for the book worm on your list.
  • And last, but definitely NOT least–this spoken word artist paid homage to our beloved “girls who read”. This is a piece of bookish culture you definitely want to consume.

Book Store Cat Applicant

And Now, A Few Words From a Cat About Literature


cat applicant
To Whom It May Concern:

I am Dr. Lazarus Pinkbottoms, and I’ve been a shop cat for about 10 years. I’m writing today to inquire about working as your bookstore cat. I pass by your store on my nightly hunt for any scraps of pizza left behind by packs of Bar Cento bros on West 25th Street, and I’ve noticed you don’t have a sleeping cat in your window, nor any cats lazing on bookshelves for that matter. I hope this is an oversight or you’re just waiting for the right cat. I believe I am that cat.

Before my current employer took me in, I managed the bookstore at 1921 West 25th Street. You may remember the store was owned by a bearded man who rarely looked up from whatever he was reading, but I assure you, the nitty gritty business of running the store was left up to me, so he could stare at anything but your face and everything would still run A-okay.

You have a nouveau chic bookstore look and while that’s great for some hip youngsters that might come by late in the evenings before drinking craft beer all night, that look is likely scaring away people who can actually read.

I can, if you’ll allow me to be so forward, give you tips on how to make your store better.

First, I’ve noticed your store is cleaner than the previous owner’s shop and I’d gladly take the reigns as cat dander and dirt provider. A good indie bookstore should be covered in a light film of dust and the pages of books should be riddled with (my) black cat hairs. I think, with a concerted effort, my hair could cover the top of every book within my first month managing your store. This will add to customer’s sense of unearthing a hidden gem, like an archaeological dig for something that looks like something a smart person would have sitting on their coffeetable.

Second, the lighting: it’s too bright. Sure, people want to read, but most people, whether allergic to cats or not, will be sneezing and coughing the moment they walk in. All the more reason for them to find the book they’re looking for, buy it, and get out quickly without bright lights tempting them to read books inside the store. The lightbulbs now make people ask, “Why don’t I just stay here and read?” while people in the previous store asked, “Am I in a BDSM chamber?” We don’t want people sticking around too long. People suck.

Third, the books are ordered too rationally. This isn’t a library! We’re not giving these books out for free, are we? We’re not a public service letting a bunch of hooligans look at internet porn all day next to some well-sorted books! Get it together!

The books should be scattered everywhere and in no particular order. There should also be a few extremely specific sections where popular books can reside (in big chain stores these books would end up front and center on a table, the hacks!). The specific sections should have names like “21st Century Insufferable Travel Narratives” and “Things That Made The Managers Sad This Year.” Now instead of just walking in, seeing a book that everyone’s talking about and leaving with it immediately, your customers will engage in the joy of the hunt! A bookstore should look more like a maze than a Costco. People want a good challenge when they decide to shop locally. If it’s too convenient, it won’t feel like work!

I am ready to transform your store into veritable chaos.

My only concern is my starting salary (half can of tuna twice a day plus any small creatures I find on my own) and that you currently have no errant stacks of books on the floor for me to sleep on. I’m not calling you unprofessional. Don’t misunderstand me, please! I’m just concerned that your store is not following the regular indie bookshop protocol. You need at least three stacks of unsorted books blocking aisles at all times. That includes impeding access to fiction, nonfiction, and reference sections. Poetry and religion can be left unblocked since no one will enter these sections.

Also, I’ll need a few stacks of cardboard boxes blocking the bathroom and one person on staff whose only job is to pet me and ignore customers.

I’ve spent years of my life at the previous owner’s bookstore, doing my damndest to make book lovers from all walks of life feel unwelcome.

My responsibilities at the previous bookshop included:

-Prohibited children (or anyone else) from touching adult fiction books (laid across books, have had paws-on experience, swatted at customers I personally deemed unruly)

-Optimized pee-per-page book ratios

-Pest Removal or Pest Killing-And-Leaving-It-Right-On-The-Register

Thank you for your time.


Dr. Lazarus T. Pinkbottoms


We found this via Cleve Scene — find it here.

We love it. For book store cats everywhere.

Mid-November Festivus!

Snow one day.

Sun the next.

Holidays fast approaching.

Ski season looming.

As Dolly’s continues to prepare for the festivities and fun that come with this major season transition–we have some entertainment for you in the mean time:

  • Our hearts, our minds, our books, and our sincerest condolences go out to this woman of words who passed just today at age 94. Thank you, Doris Lessing, for all of your remarkable works.
  • Are you intrigued by international literature? Have you ever considered taking yourself on a literary world tour? This one reader is attempting to–197 books later.
  • If you are a bookish human, tried and true, there is a statistically significant chance you may be an introvert. Here are 7 books that may speak to that inner and true you.
  • Where are our Sci-Fi readers at? These are arguably the top 25 of all time [so says the internet].
  • Ever read a passage that is simply good enough to eat? We love these ever so clever renditions of meals in literature.
    As seen below, the infamous meal described in Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar.


  • We all know there are benefits to reading, but here it is in writing, should you require.
  • We all know the holidays can be chaotic, miserable, and stressful as hell–so, here are a few fantastical literary travel temptations.
  • Are these book sculptures something else or what?
    book sculptures
  • Lastly, you call yourself a book fan? Are you this committed to your favorite written words?


November Greetings! [11/10]

Can you believe we are in November already? Dolly’s sure cannot.

With ski season just around the corner, the hectic holidays, a new year, and Sundance–whoa. We are welcoming a slower season for now–and gearing up for the craziness headed our way in a few short weeks.

To get you through this mud season haze–here are a few nuggets of pure entertainment/bookish happenings/or just because the internet has this in it’s expanse:

  • Did you know November is National Novel Writing Month? What an incredible opportunity for one to sit down and finally hash out that novel that has been rumbling around your brain for years! Check out for more information, and hurry! You are already 10 days into your month-long writing process.
  • Don’t believe you can complete something great in that month? How about these titles that were written during the aforementioned NaNoWriMo!
  • Still skeptical about the ability to create something great? It is simple. Start by writing it down. Anything. And write everyday. We love these quotes, from some of our favorite authors, to get you started/inspired!

    maya angelou

    Ready to write right now? Okay, great. Moving on to the just for fun:

  • The best parts about being a book-lover [countless] but here are 23 of them.

  • It would seem our culture has a re-vamped fascination with ink on skin. And we love it when it gets literary. How about these bookish tattoos?

  • Have you ever wondered what you might be quoted in saying? We found these famous authors last words to be surprising, quirky, darkly funny, and sometimes inexplicable.

  • And now, really,  just for fun, how cute are these powerful women as Disney princesses?

Last, but certainly not least, our wonderful new book club here at Dolly’s, Tea & Strumpets, has a new tumblr/blog, check it out, stay connected, and don’t miss their next meeting on November 24, 2013 [the read is Dracula, what else?!]:




Happy Halloween from Dolly’s!

Dolly’s wishes you and yours a happy, safe, and most spooky Halloween!


  • Nervous about the sweet tooth that is sure to develop by the end of the week? Try these scary/healthy Halloween snacks to stave off cavities/guilt! 
  • Still at a loss for this year’s  Halloween costume? Try these literary options on for size.
    Our store favorite? The Gandalf pug:gandalf
  • Here is a list of local happenings for the week–How Halloween takes over Park City.
  • Don’t forget that we will be participating in the Main Street Halloween Celebration!
    Thursday, October 31, 2013 from 3-5 PM! 
  • We also love this wee lil dreaming bookworm.bookworm
  • 14 Rumi Quotes That Will Motivate You To Follow Your Dreams
    This 13th century Persian poet was the original master of inspo.
    Get that Rumi-inspo on here.
  • This list of books will, arguably, change your life.
  • 10 Novels That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You
  • Needing a change in your home? Try re-purposing bookshelves such as these.sorting hat
  • Ohhhh, these are important! How to be a better twenty something, via books.
  • Sundance Halloween/Autumn Moonlit Rides–we think these sound spectacular/spooky/so festive! Don’t miss it.sundance halloween

Mid-October Blues?

Fall is no longer just a thought on the horizon. It is here in full, unadulterated beauty. And we love it. We have now officially had our first snow of the season and the frost is becoming our nightly visitor.

contemplative georgieGeorge contemplating autumn’s changes.
Photo courtesy of a Dolly’s visitor: Elvan–thanks for sharing!

With these changes comes a particular excitement in the air. As our ski town gears up for the busy season–our heads start to spin here at Dolly’s. With that, here is a compilation of this week’s random thoughts and musings. We hope this cheers up whatever Mid-October Blues you may be experiencing. Enjoy!

  • In an old house in Paris
    That was covered in vines
    Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.
    We loved this spot on NPR regarding Madeline who continues to steal reader’s hearts after 75 years–and the legacy lives on!



Did we mention we have a new book club coming to Dolly’s on Sunday, October 27? It’s a big deal. See here.

Need more convincing?  How about this list of all the reasons you should be in a bookclub, duh!

Welcome to October at Dolly’s

We don’t know about you–but October is one of our favorite months here at Dolly’s Bookstore. Let it be known that fall is upon us, winter is encroaching, and reading is on the rise once again! We warmly welcome you to October, and here is our first blog post of the month [with a little something for everyone]:

  • This month kicks off Dolly’s new, steamy book club–definitely something you won’t want to miss! See you on the 27th–meow!


  • Not a fan of this early snow? Severely lacking that joy in your life? Here are these: 32 Books that will Make you Laugh Out Loud [You are welcome]
  • The soul question you have all been pondering since day one: How do I read like David Bowie? Answer revealed in this list.
  • Another big life question remains: What if Dr. Seuss wrote Jurassic Park? Well, now is the time to experience that reality, here.

dr. seuss jurassic park

  • “The book is better”–sick of that response, movie go-ers? How about these 12 Movies That Are Just as Good As The Books They’re Based On post from Huff Post? Do you agree with this list? Any additions/suggestions you might voice?

We are getting into that festive spirit here in the store, come visit our new, spooky, black-light display!
Don’t miss two incredible author events coming our way:

Wishing the best October to all of you!



What We are Loving this Week [9/21]

Obviously, with this week being the finale to this year’s One Book, One Community program–we have pure Shermania here at Dolly’s!

Dolly's Shermania

Small Business Saturday
[the Saturday following Thanksgiving] will be even sweeter this year!

“Last year, President Obama spent Small Business Saturday at a local independent bookstore in Virginia — he and his daughters bought 15 books, mostly as Christmas presents. Americans recovering from their turkey bacchanals filed into bookstores in large numbers from Alaska to West Virginia, as the website Shelf Awareness reported. One intrepid New Yorker visited 16 independent bookstores that day.

For many booksellers, Small Business Saturday … was their second-biggest sales day of the year.

Now, author Sherman Alexie and the American Booksellers Association are teaming up to start a new campaign that further ties Small Business Saturday to the independent book trade: having authors work as volunteers that day at independent bookstores.

“Here’s the plan: We book nerds will become booksellers,” Alexie said in a letter circulated by the ABA. “We will make recommendations. We will practice nepotism and urge readers to buy multiple copies of our friends’ books. Maybe you’ll sign and sell books of your own in the process.”” From our friends at Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association

We love our small businesses, indie booksellers, and as always, Sherman Alexie.

What else do we love? Funny you should ask:

  • You know those days that you are feeling particularly scatter-brained [everyday for me] we have the perfect book for you:

1,227 Quite Interesting Facts To Blow Your Socks Off

1227 quite interesting facts

Including riveting facts such as:

-Loch Ness is deep enough and long enough to contain the entire population of the world ten times over.

-Barley has twice as many genes as people.

-You are three times more likely to die in a plane crash than you are to be eaten by a mountain lion.

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